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Expanded unsintered tape

Expanded PTFE Unsintered Tape is used for the joint packing of threaded couplings and flange connections of any materials operating under the pressure of up to 9,8 Mpa, at the temperatures from -180°C to 260°C in the production or in the corrosive medium.

Expanded PTFE Unsintered Tape is nontoxic, resistant to oil and petrol, light and easy to assembly, possesses high chemical thermal and anticorrosive resistance, excellent sealing ability and can be stored for unlimited period of time.

Its properties allow it to be used for sealing the joints of pipelines and different kinds of equipment including food processing, chemical, construction and medical equipment.

Employing Expanded PTFE Unsintered Tape has some limitations because it can not be used in contact with the alkali metals or substances with a high concentration of gaseous or liquid oxygen.

Our company can offer you two types of Expanded PTFE Unsintered Tape.

Main properties:

Type: I II
Apparent density, g\cm3: 0,6 - 1,2 0,3 - 0,6
Tensile strength, Мра, min.: 9 10
Ultimate elongation, %, min.: 80 30


Thickness, mmWidth, mmLength, mm
Nominal Tolerance Nominal Tolerance Nominal Tolerance
0,75 0.015 12, 13, 18
24, 26, 52
0.5 5000, 7000, 10000,
20000, 40000
0,1 0,1
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