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PTFE Films are used in a number industries as a coating against temperature and different chemical agents. Due to other unique qualities of PTFE they also found application as insulation coating and sliding surface shell.

The operating temperature ranges from -269°С to 260°С.

Our company is glat to offer you the following tyoes of PTFE Films: High modulus pressure sensitive tape; Ultraflat film; High Performance tape produced from special PTFE compounds; Pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

Type Thickness, mm                Width,mm          Length, mm       
High modulus pressure sensitive tape 0,051                                   900                       10~100              
Ultraflat film 0,025-0,508 1500
High Performance tape produced from special PTFE compounds 0,051 635
Pressure sensitive adhesive tape 0,127; 0,254; 0,508 1000

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