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Fluoroelastomer is a special purpose fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber. It has wide chemical resistance and superior performance, especially at high temperatures, application in different media.

The useful properties of fluoroelastomer surpass the properties of hydrocarbon-based synthetic rubber and natural India rubber.

The performance of fluoroelastomers in aggressive chemicals depends on the nature of the base polymer and the compounding ingredients used for moulding the final products (e.g. O-rings, shaft seals). Fluoroelastomers are generally compatible with hydrocarbons, but incompatible with ketones such as acetone and organic acids such as acetic acid.

Due to their properties fluoroelastomers are used as a material in the production of rubber components interacting with the aggressive chemicals and operating at high temperatures. Fluoroelastomers are the best option fir the production of seals, oil-guard caps, and other parts of different types of engines engines. They are mainly in the chemical industry, aviation and space technology.

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