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Nylon (polyamide-6)

Nylon (Polyamide-6, PA-6, TS 6-05-988-87) is a polymer used in production of different structural and antifriction components. It is characterized with high durability, low coefficient of friction paired with any metal, high malleability and can be used in stern conditions. Nylon is resistant against the exposure to hydrocarbons, oils, spirits, ketones, esters, alkalis and weak acids. Nylon is also chemically resistant and non-toxic.

For more than 30 years Nylon has been widely used in engineering, shipbuilding, energy, chemical, petroleum, and pulp and paper industries as a material for.

Components made of Nylon are 7 times lighter compared to bronze or steel , which it successfully substitutes, providing reliable work of the equipment. The use of Nylon decreases the wear out of sliding-friction components by 1.5-2 times and increases their longevity.

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