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Glass cloth laminate and textolite

Textolite is an insulating structural material used for the production of slide bearings, gears and other components. Being a good isolator, it is also used in the production of electrical appliances and components.

The material itself is a laminated plastic produced from the fiber and a polymer adhesive substance, such as, for example, epoxy resin. Textolite produced from the glass fiber is called Glass Textolite, or Glass fibre laminate. Glass Textolite surpasses Textolite in such properties as: heat resistance (140-180°C against 105-125°C), volume resistivity (1011 Ohm/m against 107 Ohm/m), dissipation factor (0,02 against 0,07). However Textolite is much lighter than Glass Textolite has lower thermal conductivity, is easier to machine and to glue together.

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